Fortis Anandapur saves 55-year-old man with cancer of the urinary bladder - Life of Calcutta

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Fortis Anandapur saves 55-year-old man with cancer of the urinary bladder

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Kolkata: Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, recently achieved yet another clinical milestone by successfully reconstructing the urinary bladder from his intestines in a 55-year old-male, who was suffering from end stage urinary bladder cancer. The team of doctors, led by Dr. Shrinivas Narayan, Director of Urology, successfully completed the surgery. Post-operative care was provided by Dr. Yashesh Paliwal, Director and HOD of Critical Care, along with his team. Patient D. Kishore, a resident of Jamshedpur, came to Fortis to receive treatment for the tumour in his bladder. A biopsy was conducted, and the results indicated advanced carcinoma in his bladder. The doctors decided to perform radical cystectomy and neo-bladder reconstruction, an innovative procedure.

Radical cystectomy (a surgery to remove the urinary bladder) and neo-bladder reconstruction (a surgical procedure to construct a new bladder) stands as the pinnacle of surgical evolution. Due to its complex procedure, the surgery can last up to six hours. Doctor’s started the surgery by carefully removing the tumorous bladder, ensuring the patient was free from cancerous tissue. Following this, the neo-bladder reconstruction was initiated. It involved replacing the tumorous bladder with a new bladder constructed from 60 cm of the patient's intestine. This newly crafted bladder was then connected to the urethral passage, allowing the patient to pass urine naturally. 

Dr. Shrinivas Narayan, Director of Urology, Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, Kolkata, said, “Neo Bladder Reconstruction is better than the traditional procedures, as in the traditional method, a stoma (small opening) on the abdominal wall is created using a segment of the intestine. A urine bag is then attached to this stoma. Thus, the patient needs to carry the urine bag. This would mean he would face challenges, such as holding the bag containing urine, potential social stigma, and a sense of inferiority complex. Additionally, there are medical issues like skin problems due to continuous urine leakage, discomfort, and sleep disturbances.

Dr. Yashesh Paliwal, Director & HOD Critical Care, Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, added, "In such cases, post-operative care is extremely crucial. Since the surgery involved multiple organs, keeping the patient under constant observation was vital for immediate medical intervention if required. The patient's significant SIRS response (the body's reaction to severe infections or injuries) required our utmost attention. Some potential complications include bleeding, infection, sepsis, and bowel and urinary leakage. We meticulously monitored the patient during his 3-day ICU stay to ensure a smooth recovery."

Mr. Ashish Mukherjee, Facility Director, Fortis Anandapur, Kolkata, said, "I am proud of our medical team who successfully completed this challenging and rare surgery. The Radical Cystectomy and Neo-Bladder Reconstruction offer new hope for patients with invasive bladder cancer. This advancement not only completely treats the patient’s cancer but also allows them to return to their regular lifestyle without any restrictions."

Patient D. Kishore said, “. Post-surgery, with a reconstructed urinary bladder, I am free from cancer and can conduct all my regular activities without any hindrance. I haven't faced any complications and am deeply thankful to all the doctors and medical staff at Fortis Hospital."

By seamlessly blending expert knowledge with innovative techniques, Fortis remains at the forefront of medical advancements. This innovative procedure at Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, highlights the hospital’s commitment to pioneering medical solutions and offering hope to those with complex medical conditions.

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