Dil Mera takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with an electrifying fusion of four distinct music worlds - Life of Calcutta

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Dil Mera takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with an electrifying fusion of four distinct music worlds

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National: Four new-age, ground-breaking artists, OAFF, Savera, Burrah, and Yashraj, join forces to release an emotionally charged masterpiece, 'Dil Mera.' Seamlessly fusing Punjabi, Hip Hop, and electronic elements, this unique composition is set to captivate audiences worldwide with its profound and genre-bending approach. Defying conventions, 'Dil Mera' delivers a captivating tale of love, loss, and the extraordinary power of redemption. Composed, written and performed by OAFF, Savera, Burrah, and Yashraj, the track depicts the journey of a heart that has been broken time and time again, leading to immense pain and the belief that all is lost in life. However, the song conveys that even when one feels weak and defeated, there is still a glimmer of faith in something greater— whether that’s a higher power or a moment of miracle. In that moment, the heart begins repairing itself and realising that the universe has something else planned for it. “Dil Mera” captures this arc of reigniting hope: how a broken person starts to become whole and begins to believe in the beauty of life once again. Through lush harmonies and a genre-bending approach, OAFF, Savera, Burrah and Yashraj’s collaboration is as captivating as it is meaningful.

Speaking about the song, OAFF shared, “With ‘Dil Mera’, we wanted to create something that resonates across boundaries. It is not just another track, but an emotional journey that each of us have faced. We hope that listeners find solace and inspiration in our music, and ‘Dil Mera’ becomes a soundtrack that heals, revives and makes you vibe to its beats.”

“Working with such incredible artists for ‘Dil Mera’ has been an incredible experience, where each of us have added our own touch to create something that will connect with the audience. We have poured our hearts and souls into this song, and I believe it has the power to touch many”, added Savera.

Burrah expressed his excitement saying, “Dil Mera comes from a very personal space for me. Having just come back from Vipassana, I was working towards healing & feeling whole in myself. Kabir, Savera & I hopped on to a call and everything happened so organically from there. Yashraj coming on board with his amazing verse added the much-needed fire to our vision. The healing energy, the purity of every individual involved is what excites me about this song, hoping everyone enjoys this Punjabi Pop experiment as much as we did while creating it.”

Yashraj further added “For ‘Dil Mera’ we wanted to explore uncharted territory. It's a departure from our previous work and a testament to the magic that can happen when artists come together. This collaboration is an opportunity to surprise and engage our fans with something fresh and exciting. I hope our listeners embrace this transformative journey."

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