How Calorie Crave Is Taking kolkata By Storm - Life of Calcutta

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How Calorie Crave Is Taking kolkata By Storm

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Kolkata: In a metropolitan city like Kolkata, the ever-growing fitness trend has become a rage. With calorie consciousness ruling diet plans, people are becoming increasingly aware of what they are eating. Getting some of the things in mind, Calorie Crave is here to rule your hearts with finger licking healthy foods to treat your tastebuds and fill your stomach with healthiness.

Calorie Crave is an idea based on building a healthier tomorrow and they believe in the notion of minimalism and innovation. The brand is here to give a healthy makeover to your daily food habits. Calorie Crave uses natural and fresh ingredients to make sure you relax and indulge yourself into a guilt free dining experience. 

Calorie Crave has 2 outlets in South Kolkata situated in Deshapriya Park which is 700 sq ft with a capacity of 10 people and Gariahat which is 100 sq ft outlet with takeaway both serving 100% fresh and organic food. 

The owner, Kshiti Mohan Mondal says "We chose to open a brand which serves healthy dishes with finger licking taste because of the big void in the market and an equally large opportunity lying ahead in years to come. We started with fresh juices as it is the new coffee/tea right now. There's some mind blowing and untapped potential in this field. Kolkata, being a price-sensitive city, was our first target. Think of eating healthy, think of Calorie Crave."

The new menu consists of some really healthy yet delicious delicacies like Black Rice Corn & Sprout Salad, Honey Mustard Chicken & Avocado Salad, Sundried Tomato Pesto Wrap in Chicken/Tofu/Paneer, Quinoa Protein Omelette, Whey Protein Pancake, Mixed Fruit Salad, Detox Juices for weight loss and glowing skin, Oats Poha Bowl, Indian Breakfast Platter consists of choice of egg, multigrain roti, jeera aloo, mised vegetable and grilled tomato, Grilled Pomfret, Chia Peanut Butter Boost and low Carb Steak Meal in Chicken/Bhetki/Salmon.

The extended menu also has some Rajma Yogurt Panfried Kebab, Healthy Living Breakfast Platter which includes choice of egg, sausage, hashbrown, baked beans, sauteed mushroom, salami and choice of bread, Power Diet Breakfast Bowls like Smoothie Date Bowl, Organic Flaxseed Granola fruit Bowl, Quinoa Oats Porridge Bowl and more. The menu also includes a wide range of salads, sandwiches, wraps, handmade soups, smoothies, guilt free desserts, detox juices, fresh juices, steak meals, pasta, sliders and much more.

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