The Credforce default saga Counting the human cost... - Life of Calcutta

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The Credforce default saga Counting the human cost...

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Kalkata: The Cedfores Asta Ltd default sugs has now contimid forty three months These store have lost their fees waiting for their mole come back,Mr Jatinder Rar Cher,had an investment of the 45 bktis,patsed away 2021,Mr Pompal Sing Vaseley, hail an invement of Re in Lakk, ped 2021,Mrs Minet Chatterjee, school principal in Delhi, passed way in 2022. Mr Gopal Narain Sasens former director of IPFCO passed away in 2021 Mrs Alka Saxena pa away in Apr 2021.

Apart from the stove names there are some investors suffering from ailments and are cash strapped to pay for their treatment. To name a few Mr Ram Chander Greer, he is suffering from acute diabetes and has had three stents put in his heart.Mr Suresh Kumar Chaddha is suffering from prostate cancer and undergoing treatment for the first six month Me And Gupta, he is undergoing dialysis and is suffering from various heart Issues Mr Mark Manuel, son of Mrs Christine Manuel, it undergoing a Bone Marrow Transplant in Vellore, Mr Apurba Majumder, is suffering from various heart related ailments and this issue has caused him severe anxiety leading to fiealth issues.

These are just a few of the examples of the human suffering that Rajiv Gupta, Geetit Gupta and Sanjeeva Shukla have caused on the preference shareholders of Credforce Ana Lad.The Husband Wife 90% share holding Promoter Dise of Credforce Asia Ltd namely Rajiv Gupta a Wharton Alumni and Geetika Gupta a Sr Employes of Accenture have siphoned crores to USA and left investors in a lurch most of them helpless senior citizens like me 75yr old widowed, retired school principal. We need justice from the government that
they should make arrangements to deport the Gupta's and make them face the legal consequences in India and not to make a mockery of the judiciary and police system by taking advantage of being in USA We also hope Accenture reviews their Corporate Governance policy for having such a fraudster in their ranks Rishwar Majid Over 80% of the investors are over the age of stety and have invested their life's savings in the company. They were dependent on the cash flow from their investments to sustain their lives. The Guptas have caused immense misery on their own inventors.

Sanjeeva Shukla is under arrest in Tihar jail and will be soon moved to Kolkata and remanded in the custody of Kolkata Police He will be arriving on 13 October from Delhi Rajiv Gupta and his wife Geetika Gupta have bought a palatial house with the proceeds of the crime and are living a comfortable and hourious life in Austin, Texas, USA Credforce showed as a very rosy picture with their concocted financials and then defrauded me of my life's savings. They have made my survival, hand to mouth, said Mrs Veena Rolate, age 76

Rajiv Gupta is running Edvantic Inc. providing Edu-Tech services to businesses and students in America. Edvantic had revenues of over $ 30 million in 2021. He is an alumnus of the Wharton College, at the University of Pennsylvania. But his own alma mater has won damages of $ 1.20 Million for defrauding them. His wife Geetika Gupta works for Accenture in Austin, Texas and is a very senior employee with global responsibilities. She has a multi-million-dollar salary. The couple originally hail from Lucknow in India.

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