Bakery Industry Before Annual Bakers' Meet - 2022 - Life of Calcutta

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Bakery Industry Before Annual Bakers' Meet - 2022

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Kolkata:In the event of 19th Kolkata Food Tech Exhibition.MSME Bakery Industry are facing Great Crisis in our Country.The Bakers Federation of India (BF) has been playing a proactive role in promoting the development of the Bakery Industry,in the different part of our Country.More than thousands of bakers as members are under our umbrella. The bakery industry is the important industry in Food Processing Sector in our Country. Although our units fall under Micro and small scale Industries sector where crores people are working as labours,workers and sales persons All of them are involved directly with this industry Directly or indirectly are engaged not to mentioned their family members who are solely dependant on this industry.

The principle product of this industry,ie bread is a staple food of the common people which is the cheapest and at the same time most nutritious food available not only to the urban middle class but also to the people below poverty line including farmers, labours etc.Bread is not only the cheapest and feeling breakfast for the common people but also used in Hospitals and Nursing homes as healthy diet for patients.

The bakery segment is highly unorganized not only some states, but also in our country Almost 85% Indian Bakery Industry is unorganised due to the lack of professional training.

Trade skill and this is a major hindrance and estimated 70,000 bakeries of tiny, small,medium and large size are operating across the country feeding a market of over 1.5 million tonnes of BREAD and 12 million tonnes of BISCUITS Majority of bakeries operate in small unorganized sector in our country Prospects of growth in mechanised bread,biscuit & cake pastries industries is enormous Apart from a good demand for bread and allied products possibilities for items like rolls,cream bread,luccha bun pav bread fast food outlets pizza bases, kulchas,mid-eastern varieties and such new opportunities are growing.

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